Toolkit User's Guide

We offer school systems, community agencies, child advocates and parents this toolkit. It is not a roadmap, but we hope it is a clear set of steps, useful tools, tips, and lessons learned from school districts and communities that have taken on ensuring their classrooms and neighborhoods are filled with healthy, educated, well-rounded, productive, contributing members of society.

This toolkit has five sections each focused on specific steps required of school district administrators to ensure uninsured children who are eligible for health insurance enroll. Each section details why we need to do this work, who are the key players, and how to accomplish the task.

  • Build Your Team
  • Identify Uninsured Children
  • Reach Out
  • Enroll Children by Engaging Partners
  • Sustain for the Future

Start your journey to help Insure All Children by taking the 10-question Spotlight Assessment, which will help you prepare to do this important work in your school district.

Navigating the Online Toolkit

Text links in the toolkit  in text link example 1, in text link example 2, SECTION
At the end of each section there are buttons to help you navigate to different sections of the toolkit. 
On the right side of the screen in each section, we've included "quick links" 
There are icons throughout the online toolkit which can be used to easily share information with your social networks.