District Team Self-Assessment - School-Based Child Health Outreach and Enrollment

Directions: For each question below, think about your school district and answer the questions below. Check RED if you haven’t begun work, YELLOW if you have started work, and GREEN if key elements are in place. This self-assessment can be printed and referenced as you and your team work to enroll students in children’s health insurance.

Question - Required -

Be sure to answer all the questions by checking the RED, YELLOW or GREEN circles. All questions need to be answered in order to successfully submit the assessment. You will receive an error message if incomplete.

Key Elements
Not In Place

Room for

Key Elements
In Place

Have you estimated the number of uninsured children in your county and school district?

Do you have the support of the Superintendent and school districts leaders?

Do you have a project leader and interdisciplinary team chosen for children’s health insurance enrollment work?

Have you added the health insurance question to annual student enrollment forms?

Has a system been established for obtaining written consent from parents to allow data sharing?

Do you know the healthcare marketplace open enrollment dates and have you planned enrollment events for school health fairs and parent meetings?

Have school district materials been adapted or developed for all the options for children’s health insurance enrollment?

Have members of the district team participated in professional development and training opportunities and given formal presentations and workshops to district staff and parents about affordable health coverage for children?

Have formal partnerships been established with community organizations for enrollment efforts and data sharing that include a tracking system for application assistance and monitoring?

Have policy initiatives been introduced and funding resources identified to sustain school-based children’s health insurance outreach and enrollment work?

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